What do I need to do to help reduce my Child Care Costs?

Sign into your Centrelink online account through myGov

Select Make a claim, then Start a new claim

Work through the steps to provide your current details.

When do I pay my fees?

As part of the enrolment process you will be given information about out direct debit system. Your fees are calculated fortnightly, in arrears, and the specific amount owing will be transferred by direct debit.

How will I transition my child to Abacus?

When you come to Abacus for an initial visit, if possible bring your child … and the transition has begun!

If you decide to accept a place, then you will have the opportunity to get to know us prior to commencement. The orientation can take as little or as long as you want but this will be discussed in detail with you at the time.

What do I do if my child is upset when I leave them?

The first thing is to always portray child care as being a positive and exciting place to be as this will tend to reduce any anxiety your child may feel. Sometimes a child is upset for a while but once you have decided to leave, then it tends to be best if you do go. You will be encouraged to ring if you want to, to check if your child has settled and you will be contacted if, in the unlikely event that your child does not settle on that occasion.

How will my baby be able to sleep amongst so many children and do all children have a sleep after lunch as in some centres?

Each baby/toddler who still sleeps in a cot at home, will be allocated a cot in the sleep-room. The other slightly older children who still sleep during the day will be given a mattress in the quiet-room. Many of our children sleep after lunch and therefore we tend to have a quiet time when all the other children participate in quieter activities or will perhaps spend the time out in the vegetable garden, for example. Whenever any child is in the sleep-room, the educators, in addition to monitoring them regularly, are mindful of the need for quieter experiences close by.

What happens if my child gets ill whilst at Abacus?

If a child develops symptoms of illness whilst with us we will assess the situation, including possibly taking their temperature, and then contact you if we have concerns. If, in our opinion your child is not well enough to be at the service, then you will be required to collect them as soon as possible.

Who do I talk to if I have a concern about my child’s development or behaviour?

You are welcome to talk to any of the educators or the Director but your child will be allocated a Key Educator on enrolment. This person will talk to you specifically on regular occasions and is also available to meet for interviews at your request. We are keen that you get regular updates from your Key Educator and not just if you have concerns.

Do you provide food?

At Abacus we facilitate parents providing their own food for their children in order for them to monitor just what they are eating and to accommodate dietary needs of individual children. You will need to bring morning/afternoon tea and lunch depending on your booking and a drink bottle containing water to drink throughout the day.

Abacus is also a Move Well Eat Well centre; we encourage fresh fruit and vegetables and water. You can also bring along food that needs to be heated, for example baked beans, or food that needs to be reheated such as leftovers from dinner. Periodically we will have displays regarding lunch box ideas.

Please note that Abacus is a nut free environment due to consideration for children who suffer anaphylaxis, which can be fatal. Any foods containing nuts will not be given to your child but returned to you.

Do you provide nappies?

Abacus does not provide nappies. If your child is in nappies or is toilet training, please provide adequate nappies (cloth or disposable), fluffies, plastics, trainer-pants, knickers etc.

Do you provide hats and sunscreen?

An ‘Abacus’, legionnaire-style hat will be issued when your child commences at the centre (at cost-price). This will be labelled and kept at the centre at all times but will be given to you when your child leaves the centre.

The centre provides sunscreen, but if your child has a very sensitive skin or you wish them to use a particular cream, please provide a labelled tube/container, which can be left at the centre.

What clothing should my child wear?

As we will be providing a wide range of experiences, please do not dress your child in clothes that are ‘special’.

If you particularly want your child to be in clean/tidy clothes at the end of the day for a particular occasion, please provide these clothes and specify your request.

Smocks are provided but a full change of clothes including underwear is necessary each day in case of accidents.

For winter, gumboots, raincoats and warm hats are recommended; as gumboots will not be allowed to be worn indoors please pack slippers to change into. For summer, please do not allow your child to bring thongs as too many accidents occur as a result.

In line with our sun protection policy, children are required to wear sun-safe clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible. Garments allowing shoulders and the upper torso to be exposed are to be avoided; Abacus t-shirts may be added by staff if skin exposure is excessive.

Please remember to mark all your children’s belongings clearly. Clothes are left at the centre regularly and are normally in a basket on the deck by the front door for you to claim. Periodically any unclaimed clothing will be donated to a charitable organisation.

What are your child: educator ratios?

Long Day Care

Under 2 years of age 1:4

2-3 years of age 1:5

3-5 years of age 1:10

Outside School Hours Care: (After School Care)

4-12 years of age 1:15

Outside School Hours Care: (Vacation Care)

5-12 years of age 1:15

Excursions 1:10

How do you organise your staff in a family grouped centre?

At Abacus we staff according to the above ratios and all educators are responsible for all ages of children. Some educators are full-time and some part-time but we aim to keep the rostered hours as consistent as possible in order to provide familiarity and security for both you and your child. All staff employed are included in the weekly roster therefore minimising the need to call-in an unfamiliar face.